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Autumn care for face 🍁🍂

It is known that when it is warm and sunny outside, we use certain products, with the arrival of cold weather, our care changes somewhat.

In general, the autumn-winter period is not the easiest time for the skin.

The transition from high to low temperatures, high humidity in rainy weather, windy days, seasonal hormonal fluctuations that affect the metabolism – all this is a real test for the skin.

It becomes drier, peels, the hydrolipid balance and protective barrier are disturbed, sensitivity increases, complexion fades, redness, dehydration, discomfort, etc. appear.

To avoid this, you should ensure proper daily skin care in autumn and winter, protect it from various external negatives as much as possible by adjusting your usual care program.

▶️ Cleaning

Summer cleansers are usually harsher. In winter, you should use soft cosmetics to clean the skin, after using which the necessary degree of hydration will not be lost.

Everything that dries the skin, including matting cosmetics, is not a cleaning option for autumn and winter.

Topically, gently cleansing masks are relevant in winter care.

You can remove make-up in cold weather, as before, with creams, oils, balms and micellar water. They effectively perform their work, implement deep cleansing of pores, while not disturbing the hydrolipid balance.

▶️ Toning

It is important to tone the skin in autumn and winter, as well as in spring and summer. Make sure that the winter toner does not contain a lot of alcohol. Here are the desired ingredients: rose water (for dry, sensitive and normal skin), lavender water (for oily and combination skin), tea tree (for problematic skin with rashes).

Intensive nutrition. Nourishing the skin with useful substances is necessary at all times, and in autumn and winter – without a doubt. Consider the possibility of using vitamin masks (with vitamins A, C, E).

▶️ Hydration

This is an essential point in skin care, especially in autumn and winter, when the risks of dryness, lethargy, tightness, and dehydration of the skin increase to a maximum.

Your daily moisturizer should have a thicker texture than your summer moisturizer. It is good if the composition contains oils (grape seed, olive, shea and others), as well as vitamins, mainly E.

▶️ Protection against UV radiation

Daily application of sunscreen does not lose its relevance with the change of season, the only thing that is suitable for winter is SPF 15.

▶️ Lip care

The skin on the lips is thin and delicate. It is more afraid of the wind and cold than other parts of the face and body, and at the same time, it often remains exposed. In order to protect it, ensure balanced hydration, it is important to use lip balm or moisturize with oils, make night masks for the lips, etc.

▶️ Body care and hand skin also need additional moisturizing. After showering, use a moisturizing cream or carrier oils with hyaluronic acid to prevent dryness, additionally lubricate your hands before going outside.

❗ Not only cosmetics…

Proper skin care in autumn and winter involves not only the use of appropriate cosmetics, but also compliance with a number of significant rules.

1️⃣ drink water 💧, tea and other drinks in increased volumes

2️⃣balance your diet

3️⃣ ventilate the room

4️⃣ Optimal humidification of the air in the living room – additional care for your skin

5️⃣ dress according to the weather.

We hope that this topic was useful for you.

If so, please, leave a comment.

Maybe you have some secrets on how to prolong the youth and beauty of the skin, taking care of it in the autumn and winter period?

We will be grateful if you share with our other readers.


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