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Butter for the body: what is it, and why do you need it?

Definition of the term “Butter”, its features, properties, and recipes for home cooking!

Regular skin care works for your beauty and health. The approach must be comprehensive. The butter for a body perfectly copes with various tasks of care of skin. And this product can be easily prepared even at home.

Butter can be one oil or a mixture of solid oils. Body butters have a dense, rich texture that deeply nourishes even dry, rough skin, leaving it soft, delicate and silky. They are quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy marks on clothes. Unlike milk, lotion or regular cream, Butter intensively nourishes the skin from 24 to 48 hours. It's all about the formula's key ingredients: Butters contain natural oils.

Butter for the body is well distributed on the body and face, has good absorbent properties. All butters create a protective layer on the epidermis. Plus, such oils are able to completely restore the lipid layer. This factor will remove peeling and dry skin. Good hydration of the epidermis will remove even small wrinkles. Butter can also be applied locally to specific problem areas. For example, to soften the skin of the hands, elbows, and heels. Apply the product with light massage movements and let it absorb.

The main components of butters are plants oils. When cooking butter at home, we mix solid oils and liquid oils, we can add essential oils and liquid vitamins.

The combination of these oils depends on the result we want to get.

For example, coconut oil relieves dryness and irritation, increases elasticity, shea butter intensively nourishes the skin, restores the lipid barrier, improves regeneration. And argan has long been known for its rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties. Babassu - an extract of Brazil nut oil – cools well, and therefore is often part of cosmetics that are applied to the skin after tanning.

So, now the recipes:

- cocoa butter (2 tablespoons),

- coconut oil (2 tablespoons),

- shea butter,

- essential oils (0.5 tablespoon each).

Also, the composition typically includes natural wax, which enhances the protective properties, increases the shelf life of cosmetics, vitamin E.

You can cook in two ways: the first way is to melt solid oils and then add liquid oils, allow it cooling and add essential oils.

The second method involves mixing all the ingredients at once and beat with a mixer. This method allows you to get a soft and airy, like a cloud, texture.

There is another combined method: melt solid oils, add liquid oils and put in the freezer for 5-7 minutes. Then get the cooled mixture and beat with a mixer. This allows us to “lift” the components, saturate them with air. Put back in the freezer. Get a solid mixture and beat, resulting in a very delicate texture, like souffle. Then add the essential oils.

The finished body butter should be transferred to a clean jar with a tightly screwed lid.

Therefore, apply to cleansed skin, pre-wiped with a towel so that the skin is not wet.

It is better to store the butter at low room temperature and not more than six months. At excessively high temperatures, the oil may melt. If this happens, then put it in the refrigerator, after re-solidification of its properties, it will not change.


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