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Essential oils: what are they, and what they are used for?

Essential oils are successfully used in cosmetology, medicine, cooking and other fields.

These are yellowish or transparent liquids that are completely soluble in fats and alcohol, do not leave marks on clothes, but also have an incredible aroma and different properties.

Essential oils are derived from plants and fruits and have a remarkable effect on the human body. Natural essential oils are endowed with healing effects.

The peculiarity of essential oils is that they have a pharmacological effect, give a pleasant aroma to your body, help to relax and restore strength.

In addition, oils are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and pheromones, all of which are of natural origin.

Essential oils are divided into several groups, depending on their properties:

Of course, this is not the whole list of oils, because there are more than 100 varieties.

Areas and methods of application of essential oils:

1. Aromatherapy. A very popular way to treat various ailments with the help of fragrances. The oil is added to the diffusers, and it is sprayed in the room giving off a light aroma that can soothe, relieve stress, relax, heal it all depends on the type of oil and its properties. You can add oil to a full bath, or even steam your feet by adding a few drops of oil to the water.

2. Cosmetology. Essential oils are often added to cosmetic products or perfumes.

3. Medicine. Ointments and medicines are made on the basis of oils.

4. Cooking. Essential oils are good, natural flavors.

There are many ways to use oils, among the most common: they are added to inhalations, diffusers, used for massage, wraps, or compresses.

Also added to shampoos, creams, cosmetic masks, added to baths, worn in special pendants and more.

Some even add a few drops of oil to detergents, which are then cleaned in the house.

Everyone chooses what he likes.

Be healthy!


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