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Soap making: we prepare a set for beginners!

The soap-making process is always a moment of creativity and a way of self-expression.

Handmade soap has become a modern creative hobby and income for many women, children, and even men.

Soap has always been one of those everyday objects, which it is difficult for a person to do without.

And although in our time there is no shortage of this product, made with their own hands, it will be very different from what goes on sale.

The ingredients that you add to the composition will be chosen at your discretion – here you can change the fillers, various additives, color combinations, odors, shapes. There are many ways to cook soap, as well as its components.

Ready to dive into soap making for beginners?

Let's make a list of what is needed at the initial stage of soap making.

  • Dyes (optional). Synthetic soap dyes are used in soap making. It is necessary to select a dye so that the color of soap was combined with its aroma.

  • Fragrance. It's little pleasant aroma. Various compositions of natural essential oils are most often used as flavorings.

  • Molds. They can be of different configurations and sizes. The molds are used to pour the prepared mixture into them, and the finished product had a good appearance at the exit. Molds are plastic and silicone.

  • Dropper. This tool will be needed to make it convenient for you to measure small amounts of ingredients.

  • Spray. It is used to spray alcohol. Alcohol bonds the layers in the colored soap, and alcohol is needed to prevent bubbles from appearing on the surface of your soap.

This is the range of ready-made kits for novice soap makers. But one set is not enough.

You still have to find a container in which you will perform the process of cooking and connecting all the components. In addition, the soap needs to be stirred and poured into molds, which means you will need a spoon or a small ladle.

In addition to the main ingredients, you can also need auxiliary ones: sequins, scrub components, dried flowers, natural oils to soften the skin, etc.

Sometimes it is from such a set that a great real hobby begins, which can grow into a lifelong affair.


Oct 13, 2023

Have been using your goat's milk soap bases and your ulta clear glycerin soap bases for my soap making hobby. So I read your blog for "beginner's " , wasn't impressed. Too confusing....need to simplify. That blog would have scared me away.....too involved/confusing.


Thank you much needed

Lana Vunni
Lana Vunni
Jun 24, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! 😊 I appreciate your feedback! If there is any subject you want us to write more about, please let us know here in comments!

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