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TOP 3 natural oils for hair growth

Reliable assistants for strengthening and shine of your curls.

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Natural oils are great helpers for anyone who dreams of growing hair like Rapunzel's. They heal and strengthen curls, make them denser, work as a shield against environmental aggression.

When we talk about hair growth oil, we immediately think of castor oil. And it's true, castor oil is first on our list!

1. Castor oil—the properties of castor oil interesting for cosmetology are determined by the high content of ricinoleic acid, with the addition of oleic, palm and linoleic fatty components.

Penetrating deep into the hair bulb, the active components of the oil provoke an increased formation of keratin, which contributes to the overall strengthening of the hair structure and the intensity of its growth.

Use of castor oil:

1. Medicinal wraps: For this, the oil should be slightly warmed on double boiler, rubbed into the scalp with the fingertips, and then distributed along the curls with a comb. After that, wash thoroughly with shampoo.

2. Massage: To stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and eliminate dandruff, castor oil should be combined with lavender (3 drops of lavender per 1 tablespoon of castor oil). Massage this mixture into the roots for 5 minutes.

3. Hair mask: to eliminate and prevent split ends and brittleness, apply to the ends of the hair, to improve the structure, distribute along the length, to eliminate dandruff and prevent hair loss, rub into the roots. A serum consisting of a mixture of almond and castor oils, taken in equal parts, perfectly relieves split ends. The concentrate is applied to slightly moistened hair for a quarter of an hour, or to dry hair, half an hour before washing the head.

rubbing, oil for hair growth

4. Rubbing: To accelerate hair growth, castor oil should be applied once a week, rubbing it into the scalp, or applying stimulating mixtures.

5. Hair spray: You can add shine to tired hair with a spray made by adding 10 ml of castor oil and a few drops of ylang-ylang to mineral water.

Shampoos with the addition of argan oil eliminate dryness of hair, restore its structure, help forget about dandruff, make hair obedient, strong and shiny. This effect is achieved due to the rich content of vitamins A and E, unsaturated fatty acids in the oil, which penetrate deep into the hair structure and provide full nutrition and rapid growth.

How to use: slightly warm the oil, apply along the length, massage the head, rinse thoroughly = enjoy your hair!

Sweet almond oil is a kind of universal with a wide range of applications. This is an excellent tool for hair growth and strengthening. It is suitable for any type of hair, but is especially effective on very dry, irritated and sensitive scalp or hair, softening and moisturizing it. This is a perfect oil for activating hair growth, it is recommended to strengthen hair in the form of masks or as part of shampoos. The restorative effect of sweet almond oil is manifested in renewing hair elasticity and stopping hair loss.

To obtain a stronger effect, essential oils can be added to almond oil or its mixture with jojoba oil: for oily hair—2 drops of cedar oil or lemon essential oil per 1 tablespoon of the base; for dry hair – 2 drops of orange or ylang-ylang essential oils. These compositions can be used to apply to the comb and comb the hair 2–3 times a day.

Correct use of natural hair oils will help to eliminate hair problems, restore curls, make them soft, moisturized and docile. Natural oils are especially relevant in winter or summer, when the hair is exposed to the aggressive influence of the external environment (snow, heat, etc.).

Hair after natural oils becomes strong, docile, acquires a beautiful shine.

Do you use any of the hair oils?

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