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Evening primrose oil – effect for the face and tips for use

evening primrose oil

Evening primrose is a plant that opens flowers only in the evening, and the flowering period is short.

Different parts of evening primrose can be used for various purposes: flowers, leaves, roots, but the seeds of the plant are especially useful.


▶️ saturated and unsaturated fatty acids;

▶️ triglycerides – linoleic, oleic, stearic, palmitic, etc.(evening primrose oil is the world's only source of very rare gamma-linolenic acid);

▶️ vitamin E, which protects the skin from aging, is an excellent antioxidant, being a “supplier” of oxygen to tissues and skin cells.

Due to its rich composition, the plant is highly valued: when supplemented with alpha acids, the effect of using the oil helps to quickly restore the body after colds, infections, rashes, etc.

It is recommended to use oil in preventive measures; the oil has a good anti-inflammatory effect and can regulate the functioning of human organs at the cellular level.

Evening primrose oil for the face:

skin care, skin care routine

Evening primrose oil for the face is especially useful for sensitive skin prone to allergic rashes.

Oil quickly relieves inflammation, redness, and irritation.

Evening primrose oil is a component of creams, balms, and lotions for the face. Evening primrose perfectly moisturizes the skin 💦, makes it smooth and silky. The texture of the skin is noticeably evened out. It is enough to add a couple of drops of oil to your favorite product.

The following benefits of evening primrose oil for the face are distinguished:

1️⃣ antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect;

2️⃣ suppression of sebum production;

3️⃣ improvement of keratinization;

4️⃣ formation of a lipid barrier;

5️⃣ long term result.

Evening primrose oil is great to use during massages 💆🏻‍♀️ (especially facial massage). In addition to enhancing the effect of various means during the procedure, the oil perfectly relaxes the muscles, thereby giving the opportunity to get the maximum effect from the procedure.

Contraindications: it is important to understand that before using any oil internally, you need to seriously analyze the benefits and harms for your body, or if there are doubts or chronic diseases, consult a doctor.

The oil is contraindicated for expectant mothers and mothers who are breastfeeding.

So, as you can understand, the oil can be used both externally (locally) and internally.

Side effects occur when the dosage is exceeded or when a person does not know that he has contraindications to taking the extract. They are manifested in the form of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, skin rash.

Evening primrose oil also has a list of uses, including for hair, and this oil is especially valued for women's health.

Expect interesting and useful information in the following blogs.


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