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24 oz size comes in two bottles 16 oz + 8 oz
48 oz size comes in two bottles 32 oz + 16 oz
Our company does not test its products on animals (Cruelty free)
vegan product



Abyssinian seed oil, 100% Pure with NO additives or carriers added.



This is a seed oil which is naturally high in erucic acid, up to 58%, and is used as a replacement for Argan or Jojoba Oil, with which it shares excellent properties for the strengthening, gloss and manageability of hair, and the rehydration and protection of dry skin.


What Expeller Pressed means?

Expeller and Cold pressed are two similar methods of extracting oil from nuts or seeds. Expeller pressing is a mechanical, chemical-free extraction process. No external heat is used during expeller pressing, but the temperature of this process will vary depending on the hardness of the seed or nut. The pressure that is needed for harder nuts or seeds causes more friction and heat. An oil that has been cold pressed has gone through the expeller pressing process while the temperature was controlled and kept below 120 degrees F. The cold press process will often be used on delicate oils, to maintain flavor, and to maintain nutrients.



Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid.


Aromatic Description:

Almost odorless, slightly sweet odor.


Common Uses:

This oil can be used on skin to revive dullness and hair for a healthy shine. Abyssinian Oil is very special oil for beautiful skin, it is also known for its regenerative properties.The specificity of the oil is given by its composition in long chain fatty acid. Sensorial Properties of Abyssinian Oil is rapidly absorbed by the skin and leaves an ultra-light and non-greasy after feel. It offers the good spread ability with no sticky effect. When compared to other vegetable oils Abyssinian Oil clearly stands out by smoothness at application, non-greasy after feel, easy penetration and comfortable sensation. Rich in essential fatty acids (omega3 and 6) and long chain fatty acids, Abyssinian Oil reinforces natural lipid barrier.



Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils.



Absorbs into skin at average speed, slight oil feeling left on skin.
We are buying our product from natural certified supplier, made with NATURAL ingredients.


Shelf Life:

Users can expect a shelf life of 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.


GMO Statement:

Non GMO!!!
This term shall be used to describe products that contain NO ingredients, additives or processing aides derived from commodities that have commercially grown GMO varieties in the supply chain (i.e. contains no soybean, corn, cotton, canola, squash, papaya, potato or tomato).


Stored Products:

Allergens listed below are not found in the production facility, and those marked with * may be stored and labeled in the warehouse in finished form. All products come from approved suppliers. Each product is evaluated on the potential cross contamination with other products and allergens in the approved supplier’s facility. If there is any risk to that product, then it is stated at the top of this section as “may contain” or “contains”. Otherwise if it is not, those Allergens or Sensitizing Agents listed below DO NOT pose any threat to any of CVO’s finished products. Milk and derivatives, eggs and derivatives, fish, shellfish (including crustaceans, mollusks and their derivatives), *tree nuts and derivatives, *wheat and derivatives, *peanuts and derivatives, rice and derivatives, corn and derivatives, gluten sources (other than Wheat: such as oat and its by products, barley, rye, malt, buckwheat, spelt and kamut), yeast and derivatives, Lupin and derivatives, artificial colors, MSG, benzoates, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, sulfites, artificial sweeteners, *animal derivatives, sodium, mustard, celery seeds, *seeds, aspartame, saccharin, *cocoa and derivatives, cinnamon, lactose, casein, rBST bovine growth hormone, and caffeine.

Velona Abyssinian Oil Natural Carrier Oil, Expeller Pressed, Hair, Body, Care

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